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When you need to locate a witness, find a witness, find witnesses, we are a private investigator, private detective, private investigation service, Australia wide. For assistance to locate your missing witness or find that potential witness, contact us, free quotes, phone 1300 966 103, email us at For 24/7 inquiries use our online form  Investigator Inquiry. There are private investigator information tabs to the left of the page. We are networked across Australia.

Locate a witness; locating a witness is a vexing challenge for members of the legal profession and private investigators alike. An independent witness is often the key to a successful prosecution, defence or civil action. When you need help finding a witness, finding witnesses, locating witnesses, call.

We are experienced in locating people, locating witnesses, obtaining affidavits, serving subpoena's and summonses, negotiating outcomes. Our staff are diligent in their efforts to find the person you seek. Contact us for a free quote to locate someone. Please note that, given the restrictions of the Australian 'Privacy Act', even though we are licensed to gather private information for reward, some people still fear this often quoted but misunderstood Act when refusing to give us information; which is strange as the government has shown no inclination to protect the people from them, and actually market some information through wholly owned corporations to us, fortunately.
Searching for a witness, locating a witness, finding a witness, finding witnesses, once you have the correct name, and correct spelling, is generally undertaken in one of two ways, there are electronic searches and on ground searches. Most skip tracing is done by electronic search, over the internet. Where you really need to find someone on ground searches are undertaken, which are more expensive. Please bear in mind that no investigator should ever guarantee an outcome prior to conducting the searches, no matter how hopeful it appears.
To try a more conventional approach to finding someone you cannot locate, try our Australian People Finder service, just follow the link, for Australian People Locator.