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Locate someone in Australia, locating someone in Australia. Experienced private investigators, researchers, when you need to find someone, call us, phone 1300 966 103, email For 24/7 inquiries please use our online form Investigator Inquiry Form. We are an Australian company. We provide Free quotes. We are a network of private investigators including Ex-police and experienced operatives, when you a searching for someone.

There are many reasons why you need to locate someone in Australia. Often it is for business purposes, they may have owed you money and departed, you may need a new address for serving court papers or even commencing court action. It may be a witness, a former partner, or the parent of your child. We deal with these tasks, daily.
We utilise both publicly available information, and a number of private information indices. Our objective is to find the person you seek.  For simple matters this may be achieved in less than one week.
Indicative costs for a generic skip trace (single name) $485
Where we must use the names of both a husband and wife $990 (include combined searches). Difficult searches or those that reach back further in time, cost more.
For more recent movements, when you need to track someone down, we charge a flat fee for searches, within Australia. For more difficult matters we will provide a quote. Where you are searching for long lost relatives from many years ago, or a person actively avoiding contact, this becomes a more difficult task, to locate someone under these circumstances please go to the Person Locator, witness, research Page.
We do not offer a guaranteed result, we cannot, given the restrictions placed on information access by the government (some of which appears designed to build a moat around the wholly owned corporations they sell us information through), and the fear that people have of an Act, the Privacy Act, which is often sited but rarely understood. We have to rely on experience, and a combination of public and private indices for searching; no-one should ever offer a guarantee for such searches as the result is not known until the search is completed. We generally operate on a flat fee, an upfront charge, for such searches, and should we go over the cost (which is rare) we would contact the client and update them.  We can only ever give an estimate of the time for a particular search, because sometimes we are lucky and get everything early, sometimes it takes longer.

When you need to locate someone in Australia, search for someone in Australia, you need help locating someone, an Australian private investigator, not some overseas site which promises things it cannot deliver, can help. For investigations relating to a Birth Parents search, in Australia, or if you need to Find someone, contact us for a free quote.