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Townsville Workers Compensation private investigator, Townsville Workers Compensation investigations, Townsville Workers Compensation fraud investigations, Workcover fraud, Comcare fraud, for investigations phone 1300 966 103, email us at enquiries@theprivategroup,com,au, 24/7 inquiries form Investigator, free quotes.  Ex-police and experienced licensed Townsville private investigators for private investigator surveillance, factual investigation or a background check. There are investigator information links to the left of the page. When you need to investigate, you need a Queensland licensed, Townsville private investigator, a Townsville Workcover investigator, who understand the Workers Compensation investigation process, to investigate an insurance claim, to search for evidence, contact us for a free quote. You suspect, we investigate, at Townsville, Qld, Australia.

We are an experienced Townsville private investigator, Townsville private detective, Townsville private investigation service. We conduct Townsville Workers compensation investigations, Townsville Workers Compensation insurance investigations, Workers Compensation fraud investigations as a Workers Compensation private investigator, Workers Compensation private detective, service. When you need to investigate a suspicious claim, or to conduct due diligence investigations, contact us. Experienced in Townsville Workers compensation investigation, Townsville Workers compensation insurance investigations, for both Government insured and privately insured companies, partnerships, and individual employers. A workplace accident, a workplace injury claim, a Worksafe, Comcare, Workcover notifiable incident, a Workers Compensation investigation, may not just be seen as a single event but rather an ongoing process, the Workcover Qld claim process, or its equivalent, for the privately insured. We are the experienced Townsville Workcover private investigator, private detective, service.
When the incident first occurs you are required to make the area safe and attend to the injured. A minor injury is recorded, examined to see what went wrong, addressed as necessary and filed, this should be your initial Workers Compensation investigation process.
At this time recording the incident area with a camera (print out the pictures for the file as a backup), no matter how minor an incident, can be beneficial. For more serious incidents you need to start people writing their own notes, which may later become an affidavit (statement), about what happened before and at the time. This is NOT done as a group exercise. You need to document any relevant work procedures or risk management assessment done prior to the incident. This may become very relevant evidence for a future court action, a civil claim defence. what was considered a minor injury can become a major court case, years later, document everything.
A more serious injury may involve time away from the workplace for the injured person. We sometimes become involved at this stage, especially where the matter is serious or doesn't make sense. This may be a Workers compensation fraud investigation.
When a person is off work on rehabilitation you try to get them back to work on light duties as soon as possible, maintain contact with them; rehabilitation is managed by Workcover for government insured, and by HR or a rehabilitation coordinator for the self insured.
This is the next point at which Workers Compensation surveillance may be considered, by the employer. The Workers Compensation investigation process, at this time, is often about comparing real world restrictions with claimed restrictions.
Note. The insurer sees the injured worker as the client, no matter who pays their fees, once the claim is accepted, the rehabilitation manager seeks to achieve on of the 4 recovery outcomes. If you are considering using a surveillance operative do not advise the Workers Compensation claim manager, on more than one occasion they have advised their 'client' that the employer is thinking about Workers compensation surveillance, to try and motive them! Be very careful who is aware of your intentions as it takes very little for the injured worker to be aware of your private investigator surveillance, Workers Comp surveillance intentions, if someone talks about it.
A person off for a period of time without any reported signs of recovery where it was expected, or who is claiming a major restriction and possibly looking for a civil action payout (a Workers Compensation civil claim), is a candidate for surveillance. This may be due diligence surveillance to confirm or deny the restriction; it may be targeted surveillance, workers compensation fraud surveillance, where you become aware of actions by the injured worker inconsistent with the claimed restriction. The greater the risk posed by the claimed restrictions (the amount of money the claim potentially represents) the greater the budget for surveillance. A young person who claims to be totally incapacitated, inability to drive, in need of full time care and a refurbished new house will have a large compensation claim if their restrictions are substantiated; it would not be the first time that we've seen a person claiming TPI and a needing a full time carer, who, though totally and permanently incapacitated, drove himself down to get fish and chips, and went through the pub drive through on the way back for a bottle of wine, whilst being video'd, after such a claim. That video evidence carries weight in a court, tribunal hearing or negotiations.
Each claim must be judged on its merits, and on what is observed. The Workers Compensation surveillance may substantiate the claim, it may show a lower level of restriction, that the claimed restriction is consistently not displayed, that the person is working elsewhere, or it may prove the subject isn't active at all. There is case law to indicate that surveillance of contraindications to claim can reduce the amount, but may not totally negate a claim that has been accepted, unless you can prove fraud, for which evidence, proof, is required. When you need a Townsville Workers Compensation private investigator, Townsville Workers Compensation private detective, Townsville Workers Compensation investigations, Townsville Workcover private investigator, private detective, to investigate a claim in Townsville, or surrounds, an Ingham Workers Compensation investigation, Ayr Workcover private investigator, Home Hill Workers Compensation fraud investigator, Charters Towers privately insured Workers Compensation investigations, Bowen Workcover surveillance investigation, we investigate. We travel to conduct private investigations, call us for a free quote.