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Townsville private investigator surveillance, ex-police and experienced Townsville private investigator surveillance operatives, phone 1300 966 103. Surveillance is the art of seeing without being seen, of taking video evidence or still photographs to support your observations. Free quotes, email, 24/7 inquiries form Investigator. You suspect, we investigate.

Surveillance is the discreet observation of an unaware subject to observe their actions, interactions and capacities, and the recording video evidence, or still photographs, to support those observations. Private investigator surveillance is legal, when done correctly; the evidence obtained may be used for court purposes. Townsville private investigator surveillance is used by corporations, business, government and the private person. For the private investigator still images or video evidence is usually recorded to support the observations recorded in their surveillance journal. Surveillance is used for criminal and civil action investigations, including HR investigations where corruption, criminal activity or an inappropriate relationship is alleged. It is used for Workcover investigation, Workers Compensation claim inquiries, where fraud is suspected, or large exposure requires confirmation of claimed restrictions. Surveillance is used for family law inquiries, divorce property settlement preparation, and child custody disputes where evidence of activities that place children at risk, such as drugs, criminal associations, prostitution or inappropriate contact with others need to be proved, as well as to provide evidence of a breach of a parenting agreement or obligations. Business and franchise investigations, including allegations of corruption, criminal activity, or an inappropriate relationship, and relationship suspicions (when you suspect an affair, infidelity, cheating), also commonly utilise private investigator surveillance.
Townsville Private investigator surveillance has it's own challenges. Townsville is the largest tropical city in Australia, surrounded by acreage, rural residential and primary production areas, with a large military contingent concentrated within the city, and open highways in various directions. Townsville is situated within the dry tropics (a misnomer in Summer) of North Queensland. We have experience, licensed, Townsville private investigator surveillance operatives, call us.

Townsville private investigator surveillance investigations are utilised for gathering evidence with regards to Workers Compensation claims or Workcover investigations, suspicions of criminal activity, including theft from the workplace, or corruption, gathering intelligence on a persons current activities, private drug investigations, often for showing evidence of risks to children, or breaches relating to child custody investigations, and to investigate a relationship, or infidelity suspicions. This is generally covert surveillance, private investigator surveillance, a lawful and discreet way to prove or disprove a suspicion, or verify a fact. For information on Townsville Private Investigators services, or surveillance in Townsville, contact us for a free quote.