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Problem solving by a private investigator. To discuss solving your problem, telephone 1300 966 103, email, 24/7 inquiries form Investigators. We provide free quotes. Our Discretion is Assured. Our private investigators include ex-Police and experienced operatives, we are utilised for matters as diverse as insurance investigations, where the insurer is trying to not pay, as a negotiator, where there is a dispute between businesses, as an independent voice, to investigate and negotiate to achieve a desired outcome.

Problem solving is about assessing, analyzing and determining ways to remove the obstacles to achieve an objective. It is about resolution, finding a solution to a problem, which may sometimes be as simple as a character clash, or a business that has been burnt before using what it learned against other businesses. A vast amount of the services we provide are about problem solving, even if they are described as surveillance or factual investigation. Our investigations are used to solve problems, or determine the truth. Bodyguards are there to solve problems associated with personal security. Our Mercantile Division is about solving debt related problems. Everyone has problems, we have solutions.
The first step is to determine the primary objective. It is pointless having a wish list a mile long, you will not resolve all those issues. To solve problems first requires that you define the problem. A negotiator need to define the issue, to move forward to resolving the issue. We need to boil it down to a single concise objective, to bring the matter to resolution, to find a solution, that is what problem solving is about. If it is a negotiation, to get equipment freed from a manufacturer and transported to site then the objective may be 'to have .... loaded on a truck, and off their site, by 5pm Friday'. Then an assessment of impediments is made. A 'to do' list is created, and the matter progressed. Ongoing assessments must be made, to ensure you are on track, and to deal with further obstacles as they arise. Problem solving is about negotiation, about achieving the 'triple bottom line' so various parties move towards their particular goal, although sometimes not everyone gets all they want. Problem solving is about achieving an outcome, rather than a stalemate, the negotiation to achieve a result. It is important to note that email does not contain the non-verbals so important in effective communications. This, by itself, can be enough to create issues.
This is what we do. We find the way to achieve your objective. Where you have a single, simple, objective that everyone is working towards then things happen. Often matters stall because people are at cross purposes. The negotiator is there to make sure that this is unclogged, that negotiation occurs, to achieve the objective. Once all parties agree on what is the objective, the real negotiation is about how to achieve that objective. It can be a slow, grinding , process, because all the previous 'cross purpose' baggage remains, below the surface. Where someone is using stand over tactics, and threatening you, the Police may not be responsive. They have developed a 'wait until something happens, then call us' attitude. A reactive approach of taking the information and filing it for future use. We take a more proactive approach.  Sometimes it is best if there is a face to face meeting with the person making the threats, where we can explain, in very direct terms, that what they are doing is to cease. If there is a debt, and it is a real debt, there are ways available to them to go through the courts, personal threats are not acceptable. Stand over tactics are not acceptable. Going after people who are not liable for a debt is not acceptable, bankrupting someone because they cannot pay a debt is about personal satisfaction. Someone transferring and hiding assets, then declaring themselves bankrupt, is about criminal intent and avoiding payment.
Under stress the biggest factors are emotion and perception, and emotion affects perception. As we are independent, we do not have that emotional tie, that pressure to perform that comes with business, especially where multiple contracts are tied together, with penalty clauses. As a negotiator this means we are able to try and show empathy to both sides, whilst moving towards an objective. We do not have the power to make decisions on our own, but to provide a pathway for those with the power and control, to reach a mutual understanding.
As any scientist or engineer knows, where there is a problem there is a solution, the trick is finding it! Call us for a free quote, so we can investigate and negotiate, to search for that solution, that resolution, to your problem. We can bring our resources to bear, as required. We are experienced, we are discreet, we are available.