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Relationship suspicion (infidelity, adultery, an affair, cheating, drug, gambling suspicions) investigations, phone 1300 966 103 (office hours, answering service after hours), email questions to or for 24/7 inquiries, and discreet initial contact please use our online form Investigators. Free quotes, discretion assured.  Ex-police and experienced relationship investigation private investigators. You suspect, we investigate. Experienced in private investigator surveillance, factual investigation, or a background check, research, to search for the evidence, the proof about a suspicion a husband, wife or partner is cheating, discreet.

You aren't the first, you won't be the last, and yes, our private investigators have done this before.
Relationship investigations are generally done to confirm or deny a suspicion, or verify a fact, for people seeking proof, trying to prove what they suspect, or get independent evidence of what they know is happening. They often involve private investigator surveillance, they are generally of a covert nature. A private investigator is used to permit distance, and deniability, during an investigation; it permits the client to make a decision when the results of the investigation are received. We investigate where an infidelity, or adultery, is suspected. We understand that a suspicion is corrosive; sometimes it is better to know than to continually suspect. When there is suspicion that a husband, a wife, a partner, is cheating, that there is third person in a relationship, in a marriage, a private investigator, a private detective, can be the answer.
Private investigator surveillance is legal, when done correctly. The evidence obtained can be used in court, if required.
The investigation may relate to the new relationship, an old marriage, a married couple, or a couple living together, a need to catch a cheating partner, or to a family law matter, and a need to investigate a background. We have experienced private investigator, private detective, research operatives to investigate, to search for proof. Some suspect, and when they challenge their partner they are told to 'prove it'; private investigators are a way or searching for that proof, that evidence.
For some it is a response to something emotional, not logical, in that they have to know. It may sometimes be after the split up, and before they decide to get back together; some already know but they just want the proof, the evidence, to prove what others have challenged them to prove. Many clients are relying on us to provide the information on which they will decide their future. We aren't here to judge, just provide a service. We can discreetly check if your relationship is at risk. We are there to Investigate an affair or conduct  Pre-Relationship Checks. We are there to investigate an affair, infidelity, adultery, suspected cheating by a husband or wife, to catch a cheating partner. If you are considering a private investigation, avoid challenging your partner, but start taking good notes. Call us for your relationship investigation, affair, adultery inquiry. We generally use surveillance (mostly) or factual investigations. When you need an experienced, licensed, discreet, private investigator, to investigate your suspicions, call us.
Covert surveillance, private investigator surveillance, is discreet observation of a subject, usually used to compare claimed activity or restrictions with those displayed when observed under 'normal' circumstances. Private investigator surveillance is lawful, when done correctly; the evidence obtained can be used for court. Private investigator surveillance is not designed to be intrusive. It is used to confirm or deny a suspicion, or claimed restriction, to verify a fact, to establish links between people or businesses, or to gather evidence for future court action. It may be used for intelligence gathering purposes. We have private investigator surveillance operatives experienced in relationship surveillance.
Factual investigations is the act of investigating, overtly. This includes talking to people, making inquiries, interviews, taking affidavits (statements), locating a preserving evidence (including memories in affidavits, physical evidence or having expert examinations done), compiling briefs and dissecting prosecution briefs to determine where beneficial investigations may be made, as well as completing timelines. It is not used very often, when investigating a suspected affair, relationship cheating, as people are reticent to be involved, and Australia's privacy law also interfere. If you suspect your wife, your husband, your partner is cheating, you need to investigate. We are there to answer that age old question, is my wife cheating? is my husband cheating? is my partner cheating? Suspicion is corrosive.
When you need a licensed, experienced, private investigator, private detective, to investigate your suspicion, to search for the evidence, the proof, the truth, call us.
We investigate suspicion of an affair or adultery across Australia, as a network of investigators, we can investigate discreetly for you.
We have operatives in most centres, to conduct investigations; we investigate the suspicion a spouse having an affair in Brisbane, or suspected cheating in Sydney, on a regular basis. We give a free quote.