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Our private investigators, private detectives, and commercial agents, process servers, field agents, include former police, ex-military and experienced field operatives. We provide a free quote, phone 1300 966 103Our DISCRETION is ASSURED, email us at for 24/7 inquiries form General Inquiry. There are private investigator and process server information links to the left of the page to assist you. You suspect, we investigate.

We provide private investigator, private detective, services including private investigator surveillance, factual investigations or a background check. We investigate for corporations, small business and the private person. We investigate a Worker Compensation claim, or suspected Workcover fraud, which is now known as SafeWork in NSW, WorkSafe in Victoria, or as private RTWSA investigations or ReturnToWork South Australia investigations. We conduct Workers Compensation, Workcover, surveillance, or factual investigation, as well as due diligence Workers Compensation claim investigations where exposure dictates that the claimed restrictions be confirmed. We investigate for both government insured, privately insured, and those who have let their cover lapse. We conduct corporate investigations for criminal and civil actions, including allegations of corruption, criminal activity or inappropriate relationships, as well as private drug investigations; we investigate child custody and family law concerns, divorce property settlement investigations and preparation, as well as suspicion of an affair, suspected infidelity, adultery or other relationship, or employment, suspicions such as drugs or gambling. Where inappropriate action is suspected, we investigate to assist in turning suspicion into fact, or to disprove an allegation.
We provide mercantile services as a process server, under The Private Group Process Servers (the government is now calling these field agent services, in some states); we serve all court documents, including divorce, and undertake commercial repossessions. There are process server information links under the tabs to the left of the page.

Workcover investigation is, in the early stages, a factual investigation, locating witnesses and evidence, taking affidavits, preserving scene images, and ensuring the evidence required is available for future court use. In the later stages it is often about suspicion of fraud, or exaggerated claims of a restriction. We have private investigator workcover surveillance operatives, private detectives, very experienced in this area of private investigation. We investigate suspicion, or meet a due diligence need to confirm a restriction. Experienced private investigators, private detective, Workcover claim investigators.

Private investigator surveillance is legal, done correctly. A covert surveillance investigation, a private investigator surveillance investigation, is conducted to confirm or deny a theory, establish a fact, or gather intelligence. Surveillance is used in HR investigations including suspected corruption or systemic risk activity, corporate investigations into matters such as inappropriate activity, theft, or other criminal or drug related activity, as well as civil actions. Private investigator surveillance is also used as evidence for child custody dispute, and relationship suspicion investigations, a suspected affair, infidelity; sometimes the client knows but just need the proof, the evidence, of an independent observation. We have experienced licensed private investigators, private detectives, surveillance operatives. You suspect, we investigate.

Factual investigation is the location and preservation of evidence for later production to a court; it can include expert examination, expert witness evidence, where required. We have private investigators with years of experience in this area. It is a way to search for the proof, to take the evidence beyond reasonable doubt, or balance of probability evidence level a court requires. This is used for criminal and civil investigations, child custody and family law inquiries, Workcover, insurance and traffic accident investigations. It is rarely useful for relationship investigations, as people don't want to be involved.

Research is another area of private investigation. We use private and public indices, social media and open source information when searching for evidence, or information. We have private investigator, private detective, researchers with many years experience. This is used for matters such as a background check, a search for criminal history relating to a child custody or access dispute, a relationship investigation, divorce property settlement inquiries, a missing person inquiry which may be a search for a witness or birth parent, and skip tracing, searching for new contact details, a new address for a debtor. We use this for both surveillance and factual investigations, such as a Workers Compensation investigation, or a criminal defence matter, searching for locations. This is also used for searches relating to our process server service, when you need to locate a person to serve documents on them.

We serve court documents, as The Private Group Process Servers. A process server (process servers are also known as field agents, CAPI licensed commercial agents) is a person licensed to deliver court documents, to serve court papers; we attend, locate the subject, or a person authorised to receive the documents, serve the court papers, and provide an affidavit of service, as proof of the completed task. We have a network of experienced process servers, when you need court documents served. When you need to serve documents, like a divorce application (divorce papers) or an initiating application, you need an experienced process server, a licensed court document server. We have many years of experienced as a court document server. When you need documents served, contact us for a free quote.

When you need private investigators, private detectives, or a process server, contact us. For information about our director, follow the link.

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