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Sydney private investigator, Sydney private detective, to investigate, phone 1300 966 103, email, 24/7 inquiry form Investigators. Free quotes, discretion assured. There are private investigators information tabs to the left of the page. When you need experienced, New South Wales licensed, Sydney private investigators, Sydney private detectives, including former police investigators, contact us. You suspect, we investigate an allegation, prepare for a criminal or civil action, conduct a Workers Compensation investigation, WorkCover investigation, insurance investigation, a child custody dispute or child access investigation, a divorce property settlement preparation, investigate a relationship suspicion (a suspected affair, infidelity, cheating partner), or conduct a background check, Australia or overseas.

We are a Sydney private investigator, Sydney private detective, Sydney private investigation service, in New South Wales, Australia; we have investigators networked across Australia. Our Sydney private investigators investigate for business and the private person, as well as lawyers, solicitors and barristers. We investigate suspected Workcover fraud, or a Workers Compensation insurance claim (due diligence inquiries where the exposure is large, and the claimed restrictions need to be confirmed, included), or suspected Workcover, Workers Compensation Scheme fraud, general insurance, third party and public liability investigation, as a Sydney insurance investigator service. We conduct corporate investigations into civil or criminal matters; we investigate child custody and family law concerns, as well as adultery suspicion, infidelity, investigate cheating partner relationship suspicions.
A private investigator is a person licensed to investigate, to gather personal information, evidence, and conduct private investigator surveillance, for reward. We do not 'spy'; we gather evidence to support a fact, or alternatively, prove or disprove a theory, as a Sydney private investigator. We investigate in the Sydney area, and across New South Wales (NSW). A private investigator and a private detective mean the same thing. Our investigators are CAPI licensed, we are a Sydney private detectives service.
Private investigation is generally split into factual investigations, which is the gathering of affidavits and evidence, and private investigator surveillance, used to investigate the present position, prove or disprove a theory, and establish a fact. Private investigator surveillance, done correctly, is legal; the evidence obtained can be used for court. Research supporting these matters can include searching for a current location for a person, or delving into their background. If you are looking for us these are the Sydney suburbs.
Any honest investigator must always caution that the outcome of any investigation is unknown, until it is completed, and that, although we may expect a particular outcome this is not guaranteed. To like us on facebook go here Sydney private detective investigator.
We provide services such as HR investigations into allegations of corruption, criminal activity and illicit relationships, Workcover investigations (Workcover surveillance), factual investigations to locate and preserve evidence, including memories as affidavits, child custody dispute, divorce settlement and family law, and relationship suspicions. We do this as a Sydney private investigator, surveillance operative; we are a Sydney private investigator, Sydney private investigators, Sydney private investigation service, factual investigator, also known as a circumstance investigator. We can provide the information, the evidence, you need, the answers you want. When you need investigators, to investigate, to gather evidence, prove or disprove a theory, or prepare for court, be it a discreet private investigation, or an overt investigation, we have the experience when you need to investigate, call us for a free quote.

We provide personal private investigator services, discreet services, to investigate a suspected affair, investigate infidelity, investigate adultery, investigate cheating partner suspicion. This is legal, when done properly. We investigate child custody issues, child access issues, the evidence obtained can be used for court. When you need a matter investigated in Sydney, NSW, Australia, we are a Sydney private investigator, Sydney private investigators, Sydney private investigation service, experienced and discreet, contact us for a free quote.