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Private investigators phone 1300 966 103. Ex-police and experienced operators, for private investigators surveillance investigations, a background check, missing person, locating a person (relative, witness), or a factual investigation, email (we recommend creating a new email address for some inquiries, not linked to your name) for 24/7 inquiries our form Investigators. Free Quotes.  Discretion Assured. Contact us when you need to hire experienced, licensed, private investigators, for a free quote.

When you want experienced private investigators, covering surveillance, factual investigation and background checks, call us. Our investigations staff investigate for government, corporations, small business, and the private person, private investigators may also be known as a private detective or a private inquiry agent.
Private Investigators investigate, the gather personal information, evidence, for reward. We do not 'spy'; we gather evidence to support a fact, or alternatively, prove or disprove a theory, we investigate.
For more information about a specific private investigators area of interest there are links on the left of the page.

Private investigators surveillance investigations are legal, when done correctly. The evidence obtained can be used for court. It is not designed to intrusive. Private investigators surveillance investigations are used for criminal and civil investigations, Workcover, private drug investigations, child custody and family law inquiries, relationship suspicion and divorce property settlement investigations.

Private investigators are investigators, generally licensed by the government, who conducts investigations in three spheres, being factual investigations and private investigators surveillance investigations or research. Private investigators may specialise in surveillance investigations, factual investigations or in other related areas such as research, and online, cyberspace, investigations, and some are good at all three.
A background check is another area of research, within Australia; this is a challenging area as our 'privacy laws' go further than many comparable countries, which means any background check or search for a current address comes without guarantees. Our system does so much to help the criminal, the fraudster, hide, and their history to disappear from view, all the time stating 'they' are protecting 'our' privacy. This situation is strange given that our government has become far less concerned about the individuals rights, when granted themselves powers; they are also the owner of some of the corporations where we pay to gain access to information. Private investigators use research for child custody, workcover, surveillance, skip tracing, divorce property settlement inquiries, relationship suspicions, searching for missing persons and a search for a birth parent. When you need information on particular private investigators service please go to the links on the left of the page.

When you need to hire private investigators, experienced private investigators, discreet private detectives, or child custody detectives, to conduct private investigations, contact us for a free quote.