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Our Private investigators (Private Detectives) have conducted many successful Child Support and Maintenance issue investigations. Phone 1300 966 103, Email Use our *online inquiry form Investigator Inquiry. DISCRETION ASSURED:FREE QUOTES. Ex-police and experienced operatives.

Child support or maintenance can be a major cause of friction when parents are separated.
The non-custody parent may feel they are being punished by the amount they are ordered to pay.  A 'deadbeat dad' may simply have ignored the birth of the child they were involved in creating, and refuses to acknowledge the responsibility. A 'deadbeat' parent may be hiding their income, trying to avoid being culpable for supporting a child, or making a false claim whilst pocketing cash income.
Some mothers also fear the father, or some imagined hold or threat that the father represents, and simply don't want to rock the boat by asking for support.
Some fathers may have been scarred by claims made during messy divorces, such as false allegations of child abuse or domestic violence.
Some parents families actively work to assist in hiding the income that a parent really earns, and then pays them cash, or use overseas accounts or family trusts and company entities to hide payments.
Some parents have an excellent long standing relationship with their accountant, who assists in making money 'disappear', legally.
Some simply work 'cash' jobs, and never declare their earnings.
Investigations are not cheap, and are not generally done by government agencies, except a desktop investigations of bank accounts and income tax returns, sometimes.
Each case is different. We do Child Maintenance investigations.

For more Child Custody, information, or more about Child Support Investigations and what is known as Deadbeat Dad Syndrome (or deadbeat mum). Contact us for a free quote.