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Kingston private investigator, Kingston private detective, Kingston private investigation service, for investigations phone 1300 966 103, email us at, 24/7 inquiries form Investigator. There are private investigator information links to the left of the page. To hire experienced Kingston private investigators, including former police, contact us.

Licensed Kingston private investigators, Kingston private detectives, Kingston private investigation service. Discreet service when required. We provide private investigator surveillance and factual investigations for business and the private person. We conduct due diligence Workers Compensation investigations, as well as investigate suspected Workers Compensation claim fraud. We conduct corporate investigation for criminal and civil actions. We investigate child custody concerns as well as suspicions of adultery or infidelity, an affair, investigate cheating partner suspicion, relationship investigations, as well as drug or gambling matters.
Covert private investigator surveillance is discreet observation of a subject, usually used to compare claimed activity or restrictions with those displayed when observed under 'normal' circumstances. It is not designed to be intrusive. It is used to confirm or deny a suspicion, or claimed restriction, to verify a fact, to establish links between people or businesses, or to gather evidence for future court action. It may be used for intelligence gathering purposes.
Factual investigations is the act of investigating, overtly. This includes talking to people, making inquiries, interviews, taking affidavits (statements), locating a preserving evidence (including memories in affidavits, physical evidence or having expert examinations done), compiling briefs and dissecting prosecution briefs to determine where beneficial investigations may be made, as well as completing timelines.
Private investigators look for evidence, they investigate, they conduct private investigator surveillance. They do not spy on people. We investigate in the Kingston, Canberra, area. 

We are a Kingston private investigator, Kingston private detective, Kingston private investigation, Canberra Private Investigator, service. Contact us for a free quote. Private investigation is legal. Private investigator surveillance, done correctly, is legal. Private investigators are here because, without evidence, the truth is just an allegation. You suspect, we investigate.