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WorkCover investigations, WorkSafe investigations, workplace injury claim investigations, are of two basic types, private investigator WorkCover surveillance investigations and private investigator factual investigations, phone 1300 966 103, email, 24/7 inquiries form Investigator, free quotes. Ex-police and experienced WorkCover investigators, workplace injury claim investiators, when you need an experienced private investigator, a private detective, an insurance investigator. Investigations are either related to suspected WorkCover, Workers Compensation, claim fraud, or due diligence investigations where the level of exposure requires confirmation of the claimed restrictions.

A WorkCover Investigations processes may commence with internal documentation and inquiries when a matter is first recorded. This documentation is extremely important, as evidence, should the matter proceed to a civil claim for injuries, along with the WorkCover claim. This is a factual investigation, where evidence (including witness memories recorded as affidavits) is located, and preserved, for later production to a court.
Where there is some question as to the veracity of a claimed workplace accident or incident, where a workplace injury occurred, a workplace injury claim is made, then a more formal investigation may be warranted. This is a private investigator factual investigation. There are generally two types of WorkCover investigations, there may be a need for a WorkCover factual investigation (interviews, affidavits) or a WorkCover surveillance investigation (covert recording of video evidence to support the investigators observations). Workcover investigators are seeking to compare displayed real world restrictions with claimed restrictions, or verify where, when and how a claimed injury occurred, and contributing factors.
Where an employee submits a claim for a work related illness or injury it may be prudent to conduct surveillance to support or deny the claimed restriction; this may be simply part of company due diligence for all claims exceeding a certain level of risk, or more targeted where information is received. This need is heightened when there is suspicion of fraud, or using the system for personal gain. This is a surveillance investigation. The first an employer may be aware of a common law claim, a workplace injury claim, is when they receive a notice in the mail relating to an incident that occurred years ago; this may also trigger an investigation.
Is it legal? Yes. There are many decisions supporting this. However, also bear in mind, where an initial claim is accepted, some level of liability attaches. A decision supporting legality. The WorkCover process switches focus from employer to injured employee when a WorkCover claim is accepted.
There may be many reasons to initiate a surveillance investigation related to a WorkCover, Worksafe or workplace injury claim. The main reasons are a suspicion of claim fraud, that the claimant may be exaggerating their restriction, or a worker having a focus other than returning to work. WorkCover investigators will assess the matter and proceed appropriately, we do operate across Australia through a network of investigators.
Private investigator surveillance is legal, when done correctly; the evidence obtained can be used for court. It is designed to be non-intrusive.
We cover all major centres along the coast, and many populated locations, for Brisbane WorkCover investigators, our Sydney Workcover investigators or our investigations methods contact us a for a free quote. We have experienced private investigators available.
Where due diligence
requires, or a suspicion of workplace injury claim fraud exists, or you suspect you are the victim of Workcover claims fraud contact us for a free quote.

When you have a workplace injury claim, and suspect Workers Compensation claim fraud, and believe a factual investigation or private investigator WorkCover surveillance is warranted contact us. We investigate WorkCover and sick leave fraud. Call us for a free quote.