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Gold Coast private detective, Gold Coast private detectives, Gold Coast private investigations, phone 1300 966 103, alternatively you can email, for 24/7 discreet inquiries use our online form Investigator. Free quotes, discretion assured. When you need experienced, Government licensed, Gold Coast private detective, Gold coast private detectives, including ex-police investigators, call us. We investigate, conduct private detective surveillance, do a background check, make missing person inquiries or a factual investigation. We also conduct child custody, relationship, and Workers Compensation investigations. You suspect, we investigate, and report, discretion assured.

A private detective is also known as a private investigator, a person licensed to investigate, to gather personal information, evidence, and conduct surveillance, for reward. We are a Gold Coast private detective, Gold Coast private detectives, Gold Coast private investigations service. We do not 'spy'; we gather evidence to support a fact, or alternatively, prove or disprove a theory. We investigate, we search for the proof, the truth. Private detectives are used for suspected Workcover fraud, Workers compensation fraud investigations, and for due diligence Workcover claims inquiries, workers Compensation investigation, where large exposure dictates that an investigation be conducted, to confirm the claimed restrictions. We investigate suspicions of Workers Compensation claims fraud, and suspected insurance claim fraud, Comcare fraud, and fraud against the privately insured. We conduct corporate investigations for civil and criminal actions, business and franchise disputes.
We build defence briefs for criminal matters,to prove or disprove suspicions, confirm facts, gather evidence, or gather intelligence through either factual investigations or surveillance, private investigator surveillance. Our services are used for business and franchise disputes, and suspicions of corruption, criminal behaviour or inappropriate relationships by business directors, employees and sub-contractors. We are experienced in child custody investigations, and divorce property settlement inquiries. We also investigate a suspected affair, adultery, infidelity, a cheating partner, or other relationship suspicions such as drug use or gambling. We are a broad based investigation service, and accept that no two investigations are the same, although there are similarities. We are a government licensed private investigator (Qld) company. When you need an experienced Gold Coast private detective, Gold Coast private detectives, Gold Coast private investigations service, call us.
For matters of a delicate nature it is recommended that a new free email address, such as a hotmail or gmail, be created (not linked to a name but something like flowers26 or vanilla_ice62) for communications. Where you need the evidence, to prove what is going on, we can help.
Our investigations are usually of a covert surveillance or overt factual type investigation, or a mixture of both; where both are to be utilised it is always recommended that the surveillance private investigator component be completed first.
Covert surveillance investigation, private detective surveillance, is used to investigate a claim or claimed restriction, as well as to prove or disprove a suspicion, verify a fact, establish a link between people or businesses, provide evidence of a stated position, or for other intelligence gathering purposes. Private investigator surveillance is legal, when done correctly; the evidence obtained can be used for court purposes. We have experienced Gold Coast private investigator surveillance operatives who specialist in this field of private investigation, with experience in Workcover surveillance, Workers Compensation surveillance, child custody dispute investigation, criminal activity, drug and civil action surveillance, as well as investigating suspected adultery, infidelity, an affair, a cheating partner. When you need Gold Coast private detective surveillance, Gold Coast investigations, to answer your questions, or find the truth, call.
Factual investigations include talking to people and making inquiries, formal interviews, the taking of affidavits (statements), or following line of inquiries. It includes the location and preservation of evidence for later production to a court and can include the dissection of a criminal action brief, and the preparing of a defence brief, or civil action brief. We have experienced, licensed, Gold Coast private detective, Gold Coast private detectives, Gold Coast investigators who investigate criminal defence, corporate HR matters, civil action, Workcover suspicions, child custody disputes, divorce property settlement, traffic accident and very occasionally a relationship matter, a cheating partner.
We have conducted
Gold Coast Investigations for many years as Gold Coast Investigators. We are experienced in Gold Coast surveillance investigations. Contact us for a free quote when you need a surveillance or factual Gold Coast private investigator.
We do work for business and the private person. We provide a full spectrum service, including a background check, corporate investigations and relationship private investigations, Gold Coast investigations. When you need  to investigate, you need a private investigator Gold Coast, to investigate for you. Contact us for a free quote.