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Gold Coast private investigator surveillance service, phone 1300 966 103, email, 24/7 inquiries form Investigator. FREE QUOTES. Ex-police and experienced surveillance investigators. There are private investigator information tabs to the left of the page. You suspect, we investigate, conduct discreet Gold Coast private investigator surveillance, for you, and report.

Private investigator surveillance is legal, if done correctly. The evidence obtained can be used for court purposes. Surveillance is the discreet observation of an unaware subject to observe their actions, interactions and capacities. It is not designed to be intrusive. A private investigator, private detective, is a person licensed to investigate, to gather private information, evidence, for reward. Surveillance is not stalking, as the intention is to not be observed, nor disturb the subject. It is effective in Workcover, fraud, child custody, relationship, drug and criminal or civil action investigations. When you need an experienced Gold Coast private investigator surveillance task completed, call us.

We have Gold Coast private investigator surveillance operatives available to investigate for you. You suspect, we investigate. We conduct surveillance as part of due diligence, for suspected fraud, for intelligence gathering, to prove or disprove a theory or establish a fact. Surveillance is used in workcover investigations to verify a stated restriction where liability dictates confirmation, as well as for Workers Compensation claims where fraud is suspected; it is used in civil matters to establish the relationship between parties, to observe the actions and interactions of a subject, or to gather intelligence. Private investigator surveillance is used extensively in infidelity, adultery and relationship suspicion private investigation. Private investigator surveillance is about observation, and the recording of video evidence, or still images, to support those observations. Surveillance is also used for some forms of corruption investigation, criminal action investigation, to gather evidence of the actions of employees, and for private drug investigations. It is used for child custody investigations, to gather evidence of the actions of a parent or custodian, to provide evidence of breaches or confirm or deny information supplied to the court. Covert surveillance, when done correctly, is legal, and the evidence obtained can be used for court purposes. When you need licensed, experienced Gold Coast surveillance investigators contact us.
We are a Private Investigator service, on the Gold Coast. We conduct Gold Coast private investigator surveillance investigations for corporations, business and the private person as a Gold Coast Private Investigator.
We also
have private investigators who are CAPI licensed as a Tweed Heads private investigator. If you would like to know where we operate, if we cover your area, or need to locate a Gold Coast private investigator by suburb, follow the links, we also provide Gold Coast child custody surveillance, we have experienced, licensed, Gold Coast private investigator surveillance operatives. When you need to investigate, when you need a Gold Coast private investigator surveillance operation, a private detective surveillance investigation, contact us for a free quote.

A Gold Coast private investigator and a Gold Coast private detective are the same thing; the Queensland government elected to licence us as a private investigator service. When you need experienced, licensed, Queensland private investigators for surveillance, we provide free quotes.